2023 Season Predictions Thread

Chocolate Lab

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Oct 2, 2014
This is all speculation, of course, but I think McCarthy wanted him gone much sooner but couldn't make his case to the Jones' until he felt confident that he could convince them.

And I don't think he convinces them last offseason so I think he played his hand correctly.
Same read here. It seems like forever ago, but just over a year ago was the summer where Jerry made the controversial comments about how Mike knows he won't be the last coach here, plenty of people would love to have this job, etc. And from reading the body language, I don't think Jerry ever loved Mike. I think Mike was a Stephen guy that Jerry agreed to go along with.

But I think last year of going 12-5 even without Dak for five games and winning the first road playoff game in decades changed Jerry's perception. Just from observing how Jerry acts around him, I think he's much more sold on Mike now.
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