2021 Season, Week 8 | Gameday Chatter Thread | Cowboys @ Vikings | 10/31/21


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Apr 10, 2013
Long day, so I popped some gummies and fired up the 4th Quarter.

Just zooming back into it, we got fortunate after the Woods sack.

And damn, Quinn schooled the Vikings OL so bad.

The fun part is every freaking Cowboy on the field seems to be feeling it.

It is a weird groove and I lak it.
I never saw Woods make so many plays. What the hell?


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Apr 7, 2013
Im a retard, I suppose, but always thought that meant elevated to the 53
No, the rules for this are a bit convoluted so I understand the confusion. I looked it up when I heard this.

Under this new CBA teams can promote up to two players from the PS before any game (though they essentially are still on the PS) and not have them count against the 53-man roster or receive an active contract that week. They essentially are still on the PS during and after the game.

There are limits to how often this can be done for an individual player in a year.
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