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Been meaning to tell you... DallasCowboysUniverse was a really corny forum name.
The gayest.
If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with mesothelioma you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Do you think sbk is a midget? Because I always thought of him as a midget and in my mind’s eye he’s wearing a sleeveless t-shirt with one of those copper brackets that are supposed to give you better balance.

Did you take Spanish in school? Why do the Mexicans put their punctuation marks one the beginning and end of their dialogue? And why upside down prior to the sentence?

Also, is it only question marks and exclamation points? Or periods too?
Remember when these retards thought you were me? God they're so dumb here.
I was kidding. You copy-pasta'd my Swaim thread. Idgaf... I do that shit all the time too.
Thanks for like not using PMs and stuff, dork. But, you should be able to edit it now.
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