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Apr 7, 2013
I find wikipedia as generally reliable for mundane, non disputed facts, but yes, certainly I would never, ever in a million years trust something from there that had the remotest tinge of politics or political issues, to not have a horribly left-leaning slant.

Maybe ten or more years ago I dabbled in learning how to edit pages there because there was some topic and I remember getting into an internet fight with one of the other editors there who kept deleting what I put in. I remember it was some sort of political debate, maybe about Bill Clinton or John Kerry or something, and he and I were arguing in the behind-the-scenes pages and he would keep deleting and restoring his version of things.

There is no oversight there, no ruling body. He was just some fucking loser internet moderator with too much time on his hands like you'd see at Cowboys Zone or whatever, someone with no purpose in his life besides appointing himself an arbiter of truth on wikipedia which he obviously assigned great importance to.

It would be like if Hostile was getting to edit everyone's content. You can't trust that shit at all. And the internet is full of Hostiles. Every asshole on the internet not just has an opinion, they think they are the most enlightened mother fuckers ever despite being 26 year old Walgreens managers with a worthless degree from a liberal arts college, as if that makes them fucking special.
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