Machota: It’s not just the offense, the Cowboys defense is doing it, too - How Dan Quinn has turned things around


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Apr 7, 2013
Marinelli coached up terrible talent to be about average, so long as the offense possessed the ball and scored. Those defenses had little pass rush or turnovers. He had a track record of an 0-16 season in campaign he started as a HC.

Quinn has effected a night and day turnaround, has us 5th in the league in turnovers and is getting great play out of our depth players and coaching those with actual potential to be stars. His track record is taking a nothing team to the Superbowl after having won it as a coordinator on a team led by its defense where he also coached 5th and 6th rounders into elite players.

It’s as night and day as it gets.

Who thought Marinelli was getting an HC job? Quinn almost certainly is, unless the bottom falls out (which it could).

If we are close, he might stay to finish the job, but HC offers don’t come along every day.

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Oct 2, 2014
Since we mentioned Marinelli... I like how Mike when he got here went out of his way to say we're not going to run a one-call defense anymore. Shows how predictable the old one was. No more "We knew what they were going to do, it's the same thing they do every week" for spares like Sam Darnold.
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