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DCC 4Life
Apr 10, 2013
You are = you’re.

Your is possessive, as in 'what’s your problem?'

what is the problem here? I dont see the Picard'ness.
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DCC 4Life
Apr 7, 2013
What is the Hulk's vulnerability?
Becoming calm… then he gradually weakens and eventually turns into Banner again.

Also he can’t fly, so he can be stranded in outer space.

Magic is always a trump card in comics, though it turns out Hulk also has a supernatural element to his powers so even magic can’t really kill him I think anymore. Basically they want Hulk to be immortal. Apparently he can regenerate himself from almost nothing.

As someone mentioned, he needs to breathe. But this might just be an inconvenience the way he’s written lately. I don’t think he can actually die from suffocation

It can get dark, as he’s had his limbs severed and kept apart so he can’t regenerate.
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