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Thread: Danielle Hunter Signs Extension

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboysrock55 View Post
    I mean he isn't good at anything but dammit he is versatile!!!!!
    Don't forget a hell of a leader too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLK150 View Post
    That $17M is too much for a guy that has only played one full season out of four for one reason or another. One "breakout" season does not make him elite, IMO.
    Yeah 17 mil a year is for a true franchise player. Someone who has been considered elite at their position for multiple years. Now if he repeats that again next year, you can assume his average is going to be around the franchise tag number on an annual basis. But at this point because he has only been elite for one year you have to expect at least a little discount off the 17 mil. Probably something in the 15-16 mil per year range.

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