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Thread: Laughable Beasley comment. Garrett is useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genghis Khan View Post
    At the end of All or Nothing Garrett held a meeting with the coaches. He told them that some of them won't be back.

    And then Garrett told them that the criteria he was using to determine who should be there is whether they were communicating the same message as Garrett.

    That's it.

    It leaves you with the impression that Garrett doesn't prioritize things like a coach's ability to teach his position.

    He just wants someone who doesn't roll his eyes when Garrett talks about stacking days.

    "And then Garrett told them that the criteria he was using to determine who should be there is whether they were communicating the same message as Garrett."

    Does the "same message" include standing in front of a group of grown men and berating them by using the work "fuck" over and over again, in all it's forms?

    The players are sitting there pretending to be crestfallen and ashamed. But behind their somber masks they're saying, "OMG, what a fuckin' asshole."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simpleton View Post
    None of this is surprising, Dez visibily never became a better route runner and if anything his route running devolved over time. His success with Romo was at least 50% predicated on their chemistry on the back shoulders/jump balls, when that dried up with Prescott (along with a decline in general athleticism due to the injuries/age) he never really recovered.

    As far as Garrett, I've always gotten the sense that he values guys toeing the line over legitimate coaching ability with how guys are seemingly jettisoned as soon as they start to challenge him a bit, like Callahan for example.

    This organization has improved by leaps and bounds over the last 5-7 years as far as talent evaluation and drafting, the next step will be getting over this dog-like devotion to an average at best HC. Garrett has been part of the framework of keeping Jerry under control I'm quite sure but I assume there's enough infrastructure in place now in the scouting department and in the front office that Stephen/McClay can keep Jerry at bay without Garrett.
    Where do you figure he learned that?
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    The Jones ultimately empowered Romo and Dez to the point where they basically ran things.

    Granted star players should have more sway and especially if they work hard and produced like Bryant and Romo did.

    But they undermine the coaches and it becomes a part of the culture.

    I think thatís why Garrett fought so hard to keep Romo benched in 2016 and strongly backed dumping Dez in 2018.

    He and his OC wanted to be the only voices coaching.

    I get it, but it only works when you fucking win. Instead they squandered 2016 and fucked 2017 sideways.

    Hereís to hoping this becomes Michael Gallupís team, because the kidís really our best hope.

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