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Thread: Rod Marinelli on Cowboys new defensive back coach Kris Richard, “This guy’s special”

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravidubey View Post
    Stephen’s a more sensible person (how could he not be) and not a gambler, but he’s still an idiot for not hiring a football GM
    Will McClay is our GM. Just not in name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostxn View Post
    but the overall trajectory of the team is in the right direction.
    2014=2009, 2015=2010?

    The Garrett Song

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostxn View Post
    Will McClay is our GM. Just not in name.
    No he’s not and every coach and player knows it. GMs have authority first and foremost.

    Jason Garrett could take a robo-dump on McClay’s chair and fear no consequences.

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    McClay might be likened to Director of Player Personnel but when it comes to contracts and cap issues it seems that's more Idiot Son's turf.

    Either way, Stephen and McClay seem to have quietly taken the keys away from Jerry, for the better.

    It's doubtful a real football GM would have kept Garrett around, and in that respect Jerry still rules over that kind of decision.

    Don't know what kind of GM would clean house of all the assistants and position coaches but kept a head coach whose offense is so predicable opposing defenses are calling out plays before the ball's snapped.

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    To most people "GM" means the guy most heavily influencing draft decisions, basically a head scout who can evaluate talent. That's pretty much what McClay is and that's why people often call him our de facto GM.

    He doesn't seem to have other GM duties though, such as the authority to hire/fire HC's or handle contract negotiations, and that's where Stephen comes in. I definitely think McClay was involved in the decision to cut Dez but it was more from a scouting perspective (how good is Dez still, how well does he fit), and he definitely wasn't making decisions unilaterally like an actual GM would be.

    It seems like the GM duties are split between McClay and Stephen with a little bit of Jerry sprinkled in when it's one of his sacred cows (Romo, Witten, Dez, Ware, Garrett).

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