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Thread: "All Or Nothing" thread

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    So, with nothing happening, I thought I'd watch the series again, focusing on the turning point of the year, the Atlanta game.
    This is where it got real fugly. And we came into the game rolling.

    Leading up to the game, Zeke finally gets suspended, a huge blow.

    Tyron is scratched with a groin pull. Another huge blow, underestimated and ill prepared by the staff. Chaz Green abuses Taco in practice leading up to the game, like that meant shit.

    Getting absolutely zero help from the head coach, coordinator and line coach, Chaz gets abused from the start and with no Zeke, Alfred and the run game goes nowhere. Amazingly, Dak somehow doesnt get hurt.

    This is easily Garrett's worst showing of the year.

    To add insult, Sean Lee tweaked something and had to exit: open the flood gate in the form of the Atlanta run offense.

    To his credit, Garrett assumes responsibility in the post mortem staff meeting following. We finally see him take responsibility for poor in game adjustment and preparation/contingency planning. Finally.

    Don't look now, but an Eagles ass whoopin is on deck.
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    Yeah, last season wasn't *all* on Garrett but he's been coaching long enough now that there seems to be a trend. If it were the NCAA, it would probably be labeled lack of institutional control. It's what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum.

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