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Thread: The Gun Control Debate Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsmith6919 View Post
    JFC so many lies
    "military style"

    GFY I'm not even a Ruger fan but going to buy at least 2-3 from them now just for you you fucking commie bitch

    edit: and I'm going to get them with my secret check we get each month for our white privilege
    Yeah that will show them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamtdg View Post
    I mean if they are just going to destroy them...

    What a waste. Just give it to me. I'll keep it safe.

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    Dick's Sporting Goods to destroy all unsold firearms pulled from shelves after Parkland shooting

    Dick’s Sporting Goods announced it would destroy all of the unsold firearms it pulled off store shelves in February after the Parkland school shooting.

    The sports retailer decided to destroy the rifles instead of returning them to the manufacturer, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported.

    “We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change,” a spokesperson from Dick’s Sporting Goods told the media outlet. “We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations.”

    The rifles will be demolished at distribution centers and then delivered to a salvage company to be recycled. It was not immediately clear how many firearms will be destroyed.

    In February, the company announced it would stop selling assault-style rifles and imposed a new rule that buyers would have to be 21 years or over to purchase a firearm at the store.

    The changes came after the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The alleged gunman, Nikolas Cruz, shot and killed 17 students and faculty with an AR-15. Cruz legally purchased the firearm.

    Following the massacre, shooting survivors called on Congress to pass stricter gun laws. The company previously pulled sporting rifles from its shelves after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

    The sporting goods store is currently facing two lawsuits due to the imposed age limit on purchasing firearms.

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