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Thread: 30 for 30: The Two Bills

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsmith6919 View Post
    Just watched it, it is very good and will make you hate we're saddled with the ginger Marvin Lewis even more
    Yep, the best coaches are always gruff or in a permanently bad mood. Red? Clapping and high-fiving players as they come off the field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boozeman View Post
    If you haven't watched it, try to.

    The dynamic between Parcells and Belichick was awesome to hear about.

    It was so good.
    I can picture Parcells sticking his head in a Jerry and Stephen meeting and saying "what are you geniuses doing now"

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    I’m watching this now and it’s excellent. But also sad in a way, because you see these two larger than life characters who were such big influences in the NFL I great up loving. And here we are now, both (BP especially) so old and looking like a shell of himself. He’s aged so much even from his time with us.

    Not to mention some of the old sportscenter clips they show, I remember seeing aired in its original broadcast and it just makes me think... where have the years gone.

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