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I don't think anyone has ever questioned his ability to develop QBs. To me that just means he needs to go back to being a QB coach. HC is too much for him.
I don’t think it is a matter of being too much for him. He’s obviously very organized, hardworking and extremely smart. I think he had the Garrett Syndrome. He is maybe too smart. Being a college coach takes a certain amount of special sauce. Intangibles, zest, spark or whatever you want to call it. I know that probably sounds retarded but he doesn’t have that component of his game.

I think that the first few years were a total bust. Partly because of his mishandling of the DC position. That blunder set the program back 2-3 years. That’s how bad it became.

Since then he has grown but he still seems to flail around at times with the human aspect of the game. Honestly, with all of the OJT he hasn’t received he might be ready to coach at a lower level team or somesuch.