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Thread: Dunno What Forum To Put This In...

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    Quote Originally Posted by midswat View Post
    How long ago was that? I was always under the impression Monster was a dead site like Myspace.

    Isn't LinkedIn and Indeed the two go to's now for job searching?
    About 5 years ago. I just checked and it's still up. He should def still go the way of linkedin but Monster is what ultimately helped me get my job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Ace View Post
    Once you get your profile created and stuff like that, tons of employer's on LinkedIn offer easy apply, which basically allows you to apply instantly without having to fill out anything.

    You can literally apply to 20 jobs in less than an hour if you find the right ones.

    Even though your profile is essentially going to have the same info your resume does, have it handy so you can attach it.

    When you do the easy apply, you'll see a pop-up box that will ask you if you wanna add something to which you'll choose to attach your resume.

    I guarantee you that you'll receive some responses.

    Good luck, bud.
    Use LinkedIn to cross-reference the companies you have networks into and research the job opportunities within that company.

    Have your network walk your resume over to the hiring manager (or to the HR recruiter), put a good word in for you and ask for a coffee/lunch.

    Many companies operate with the mindset that, other than internal promotions, it is statistically/financially proven that internal employee referrals provide the best ROI with new hires.

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