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Thread: 2017 Random Cowboys Stuff Thread...

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    "He's really had good numbers and made the most of every opportunity he has had. For this reason, we will not increase his playing time."
    2016 DCC LOTY Fantasy Football Champion

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    I wonder how much Dez is spelled anyway. How many times did Irvin have to take a break?
    2014=2009, 2015=2010?

    The Garrett Song

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    Quote Originally Posted by boozeman View Post
    So which is it, Nov. 9 or January?

    Coming soon to a Tennessee Volunteers sideline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolate Lab View Post

    Yeah, sure thing.
    He has received the positive influence of Garrett, so how can he not have been making better life decisions?

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    Plucked from the "Gut Feeling" article:

    Sean Lee looks set to return from a hamstring injury this Sunday, and his presence at linebacker should, in theory, help stabilize the Cowboys’ run defense. In Lee’s three starts, the Cowboys allowed an average of 87.3 yards. In the last two losses without Lee, they’ve allowed an average of 164.0 yards. If Dallas doesn’t stop the run, that’ll make rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard’s job much easier. The defense needs to get Beathard into third-and-longs to deliver pressure from DeMarcus Lawrence and others. My gut feeling is the bye week helped the Cowboys get some technical things cleaned up on defense and they’ll be more productive Sunday in a road victory.
    I don't think I've ever seen a defense rely on one player as much as this Cowboys defense depends on Lee. The other defensive players should be embarrassed.

    Losing one starter should not impact the defensive front 7 THAT much.

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