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If the allegations had been made about Hillary in a leaked email you'd be assuming she was guilty, and so would DJT.
Actually I wouldn't and they wouldn't either. The level of evidence you're talking about wouldn't be admissible in court, it wouldn't be able to be used on an application for search warrant, the court system for example would give zero weight to this type of evidence. I guess I look at things from an attorney's perspective but this is to the level of not even worth investigating. A leaked email at least has a sender with a name on it. That someone actually wrote. Who can then be questioned. Your comparison would be like if we actually saw a video of Trump pissing on a girl. Or at least the person who video taped it and their name.

When Trump does or says stupid shit I have no problem calling him out for it. But to put any credence in this at this point is a massive overreaction. Now if someone with actual evidence comes forward let me know. I'll take that seriously. (Personally I don't care if he pissed on hookers but giving Russia the ability to blackmail our President is scary).