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Thread: Interesting race topics . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.T. Fan View Post
    No, I am trying to understand what constitutes a correct minority. The inference here seems to be that the intellectual level is the deciding factor but is that the only thing in the overall scheme or is that just the asset needed to get government benefits?
    How about the legit/non legit working Hispanic who has an unequaled worth ethic and also receives government assistance, does this put them in the race? Or is this the track you are taking? I get the impression that intellic is the drum beater here. Am I right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamtdg View Post
    I said this on FB, but who in the hell puts raisins and marshmallows in their potato salad? @pdom, we need a poll.
    Karen does.

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    Why is that? I admitted I didn’t know what was intended with the subject matter. The Whole thing is innuendos as far as I can see and innuendos are a way of avoiding the actual subject. Color me ignorant about whatever point someone is trying to make.
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