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Thread: Must See Movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdom View Post
    Saw Rogue One. Overall, It succeeded most in how it emphasizing the toll of getting the Death Star plans, leading right into Episode IV. Solely watching Episode IV, you're thinking, "okay, whatever, rebels have Death Star plans." After watching Rogue One, I have a deeper appreciation for plot.

    I compare Rogue One to Walken's "butt" speech about the watch in Pulp Fiction. Take that out and you have less of an appreciation and understanding for why Butch (Willis) goes back into danger to retrieve his watch. You'd kind of just accept that Butch does. The following action would still be enjoyable without Walken, but just provides that extra oomph.

    In any case, for a person that has never seen any Star Wars that's about to watch them, how would you order the viewing? Still Episode IV-VI first? Would you then go VII after or back to I? I feel like you'd want to show Rogue One somewhere in the middle, leaving Episode I-III last.
    I like that comparison
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    Quote Originally Posted by Genghis Khan View Post
    Saw Rogue One yesterday. I liked it, but not as much as Force Awakens.


    The characters didn't grab me in this one like they did in TFA. I think probably because the story was a little too diffuse. It could've been a bit more focused.

    That said, I liked Tarkin a lot, and Vader was incredible at the end. Holy shit.

    For a split second at the end, Vader was such a badass I was thinking, "all that fucking death and these dipshit foot soldiers are gonna give the disk back to Vader. No fucking way Vader doesn't retrieve it" I had to remind myself that the disk does get away or Episode IV never happens.

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