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Thread: The Minimum Wage Debate

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    Quote Originally Posted by townsend View Post
    The people in charge of Walmart at this moment have little to no responsibility for it being the largest retailer in the world. Guys like Mike Duke didn't found Walmart. They found a goose laying golden eggs and started hacking. In what have been some pretty off putting changes to the brand. Things like greeters and full time employees were cut over the last half decade. Mostly boosting the bottom line at the expense of customer good will. As a consumer I'm expressing why this has turned me off of the chain for the most part, and as I mentioned before we're seeing Mcdonalds and Budweiser topple from Mt. Olympus mainly because they've alienated younger demographics. Walmart could be next.
    Wal-Mart sucks.

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    So you ordered a number two. Then you asked her how much she made. What a dick.

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