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Thread: Legalize all drugs yes or no

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    Quote Originally Posted by boozeman View Post
    I had a pretty strong period in my early twenties where I guess you could say I was a pothead. I still held down a full time job and went to college.

    I also shared part of my stash to a poor old German broad going through chemo because she could not get legal weed.

    I have to say that was one of the more gratifying things in my life that I could actually share with her to get her through what doctors couldn't. It was humane.

    Then I got older, got more busy and then it disappeared out of my life. No withdrawls, nada. It just became a hassle to acquire and no longer had the thrill.

    All in all, I think those who are afraid of the dangers of pot, really don't get the real issue.

    Alcohol has caused me a shit ton more issues in my life than weed could ever do.

    Anything that is bad for you can be abused and used as a crutch.

    This nation, right now, is filled with losers on "disability" because they can't handle real life. They get paid.

    Yet they see a doctor and get prescribed opiods and also anti-depressants.

    A lot of this has to do with the drug companies.

    This is YUGE business. There is a reason dick pill commercials dominate our airwaves.

    I can tell you right now, Phizer's worst fucking nightmare is legalized pot. That means less money for them and Zoloft is suddenly not necessary.

    Weed for cancer patients should be the FIRST drug prescribed. Like, antibiotics are prescribed for infections. It should be automatic.

    My wife has taken every drug under to sun and nothing has helped her more. Suck it, NSA!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boozeman View Post
    Just fired this stupid shit at work the other day. He was caught selling Zoloft on camera. Plain as day.

    This response after he confessed, "this ain't no big deal. I was just trying to hook people up."

    Then after we informed him the cops were on the way, "man, look, it is not like I am selling marijuana. That shit is everywhere here, but I made more money off this."

    That is stoopid because Zoloft doesnt even chill you are get you high. It takes about 3-6 weeks to even take effect and at that point it s Moly makes a truly depressed person feel normal. During the ramp up period there are horrible side effects. It's not a sedative by any means. Only an idiot tries to abuse it

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