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Yeah personal time like bathroom breaks and lunch breaks seem obvious to me. I was more concerned that you didn't want cameras on while patrolling in a vehicle for example.

I also don't think they should be turned off before or after a call though. The time before and after a call can provide very vital evidence for an attorney. A perfect example was a recording I had in a car where the officer got in right after an incident and was talking about how he was almost hit by the defendant's car. He later claimed that he was hit by said defendant's vehicle. (No body camera but the camera in his car was running) I'd say that recording was pretty damn important. Even if it didn't give time to "decompress"
I can see where this might be the case that they could mandate a camera stays on most all the time. From your side I can see the benefit, from an officer's side I can see the preference for it not being that way. Not because of anything nefarious, just because we aren't 24-7 reality tv. I think any mandate will be just what I said and cameras will be on for all citizen contacts and for evidenciary reasons eventually.