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Thread: Music Thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by boozeman View Post
    They aren't Queen without Freddie Mercury.

    BTW, I am pretty stoked for the movie coming out about him soon.
    Yeah the preview actually got me pretty excited for the movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boozeman View Post
    You are only as old as you feel.

    I actually have some musical favorites in common with my son, stuff he has turned me onto, stuff I called his attention to.

    The kid is now a Pink Floyd maniac, where a year ago, he wasn't.

    I will admit, I am trying real hard and/or outright pretending to get into some of his. But I am trying, like really really hard.

    It is more one sided as clearly, my music is better. For every Queen and Pink Floyd he gets, I end up with a Rag'n'Bone Man, Fink or The Weeknd.

    Granted, I have decades of great music on my side.
    RagnBone Man isn't awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev View Post

    It's true, though. The other day I had a true dad moment. I caught myself thinking, "What the hell kinda noise is that boy listening to?"
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    I don't know any one of those you guys mentioned.

    My kid is 4 so he's only listening to basically songs from kids shows and whatnot.

    I have a feeling I'll be wishing for those days back in the not too distant future.

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