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    Sturm: Cowboys look helpless as they reach new depths in Washington - The Morning After

    By Bob Sturm 33m ago Today is Monday, October 26th. This has been a very poor month for the Dallas Cowboys. Thankfully, they will play no more games before this page on the calendar is flipped. I am going to assume November cannot be worse — at the very least, it features a bye week. But...
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    Machota: Cowboys hit another low, ‘running out of time’ to save awful season

    By Jon Machota Oct 25, 2020 When the dust settles and all 16 games have been played, the 2020 Dallas Cowboys have a chance to be the franchise’s worst team since 1989, Jerry Jones’ first year as owner. That group finished 1-15. It was Jimmy Johnson’s first year as head coach, and he was turning...
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    2020 Season | Week 7 | Gameday Chatter | Cowboys @ Redskins | 10/25/2020

    Let's make this two weeks in a row, boys! Boys? Hello?
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    Machota: Should the Cowboys make a move before the trade deadline? And will they?

    By Jon Machota 1h ago Regardless of how badly or how well things are going for the Cowboys this time of year, team owner and general manager Jerry Jones never completely rules out a move at the trade deadline. Executive vice president Stephen Jones will usually say they are always looking to...
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    Lombardi: Jerry Jones cares more about winning his way than he does just winning

    By Michael Lombardi Oct 20, 2020 When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones first hired Mike McCarthy, my thought was that he’d bring a sense of toughness, accountability and discipline to the Boys, as well as honesty. I thought that Jones had finally seen the light; he was finally admitting he needed a...
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    Machota: Cowboys embarrassed at home - Zeke Elliott hurting offense, 9 other takeaways

    By Jon Machota 17m ago ARLINGTON, Texas — There is no need to recap this game. The Cowboys lost 38-10 at home Monday night to the Arizona Cardinals. It wasn’t really even that close. Cardinals second-year quarterback Kyler Murray had more rushing attempts (10) than completed passes (9), the...
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    Machota: Jimmy Johnson says Andy Dalton will be ‘perfect fit’ in Dallas: 20 Cowboys notes

    By Jon Machota Oct 17, 2020 Randy Gregory appears to be on track to contribute when he’s eligible to return to game action in Week 7. The Cowboys edge rusher has been practicing with the team since Oct. 7. He was a full participant in the portions of this week’s practices open to reporters...
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    2020 Season | Week 6 | Gameday Chatter | Cardinals at Cowboys | 10/18/2020

    We are going to have to be able to control the short game. Kingsbury likes to do a lot of short quit hitting screens/etc. That means our CBs are going to have to be on their game. I have a bad feeling about this game.
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    Machota: Could Cowboys’ offense improve with Andy Dalton? Why his former backup thinks so

    By Jon Machota 42m ago There were times when Jay Gruden would get mad at Andy Dalton. The former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator wanted to see more emotion out of his young quarterback. But that has never been Dalton’s style. He stays somewhere in the middle. “Honestly, that worked...
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    Sturm: Cowboys defense flashes bright spots and a new approach - The Nolan Report

    By Bob Sturm Oct 14, 2020 Two things have been unquestionably true about the 2020 Cowboys defense. One, they needed to try some new things and implement them post-haste. Two, they needed to try some new players and figure things out on the fly without a camp or an offseason providing the reps...
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    Sturm: Reality comes crashing down on Dak Prescott and the Cowboys - The Morning After

    By Bob Sturm Oct 12, 2020 There will be quicker pieces written about each Cowboys game by others, but beating them to the punch was never my goal with The Morning After. The goal, instead, would be to think things through and to let some of the emotion die down before trying to summarize the...
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    Machota: Tyron Smith’s future, Jaylon Smith handling criticism and 9 other Cowboys notes

    By Jon Machota 4h ago FRISCO, Texas — No Cowboys player has taken more criticism this season than linebacker Jaylon Smith. While he’s one of the NFL’s 10 leading tacklers entering Week 5, the missed tackles, penalties and trouble in coverage have been magnified. Smith is regarded as one of the...
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    Machota: ‘You don’t expect guys full-speed for 70 plays’ - Cowboys don’t see effort issues

    By Jon Machota 3h ago FRISCO, Texas — Nobody was confusing the Cowboys defenses of the last decade with the 1985 Chicago Bears or 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Dallas statistically ranked in the top six in 2016 and 2018, but neither team caused enough turnovers to seriously consider them a top-five...
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    Yousuf: Grading the Cowboys - Jaylon Smith’s poor performance & Amari Cooper’s final play

    By Saad Yousuf Oct 6, 2020 Excuses are starting to dwindle for the Cowboys. The Week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Rams was chalked up to a questionable offensive pass interference penalty late and it being the first game of a new coaching regime that went through the most unorthodox offseason in...
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    Sturm: Morning After - Another Cowboys self-sabotage leads to questions about stars

    By Bob Sturm Oct 5, 2020 Seven Dallas Cowboys constitute roughly 63 percent of their total cap dollars. In today’s NFL, that is about the maximum number of players you can extend the lion’s share of your salary cap to cover. In almost all cases, Dallas drafted each of the following and then...
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    Archer: Like Tony Romo, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott can do only so much

    11:00 AM CT Todd Archer ESPN Staff Writer ARLINGTON, Texas -- Jerry Jones calls not winning a Super Bowl with Tony Romo as his quarterback one of the biggest regrets of his tenure as the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. In a few years, he might have the same lament with...
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    Machota: Why Cowboys keep playing fast, Zeke tries to get back on track and 10 more notes

    By Jon Machota Oct 3, 2020 FRISCO, Texas — Some of Ezekiel Elliott’s most memorable highlights have come on short screen passes that the Cowboys running back has turned into huge scoring plays. Elliott often referred to those previous plays as “Linehan Special,” named after former offensive...
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    Machota: ‘Unacceptable’ - Cowboys’ 5 biggest areas of concern — and can they be fixed?

    By Jon Machota Oct 4, 2020 ARLINGTON, Texas, — The anger came through clearly in his voice. A 1-3 record is not how Mike McCarthy expected to start his first season as Cowboys head coach. The worst part? He’s extremely fortunate Dallas isn’t 0-4. “I’m disappointed,” McCarthy said immediately...
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    2020 Season | Week 4 | Gameday Chatter | Browns @ Cowboys | 10/4/2020

    You all forced me to do it. Now, you can expect a huge win. Let's do this! :towel
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