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  1. 1bigfan13

    MLB Chatter Thread

    They were talking about complete games the other day on a show I was listening to. I can't remember the exact number but basically there's been something like an average of 45 complete games MLB wide over the last 5 seasons.
  2. 1bigfan13

    MLB Chatter Thread

    They'll coach that out of him by the time he gets to the majors.
  3. 1bigfan13

    MLB Chatter Thread

    Nolan was a freak of nature but even mid-tier pitchers in the 80s would give you 7 innings on 135 pitches. And hardly anyone had to be shut down due to arm problems.
  4. 1bigfan13

    The Outrage Thread

    Sooooo. Cotton is an avid viewer of The View. Duly noted.
  5. 1bigfan13

    MLB Chatter Thread

    No one is surprised by this deGrom news. As an aside, MLB teams need to really take a hard look and reassess how pitchers approach the game today. We are losing entirely too many pitchers to arm injuries now compared to pre-2000. Back then pitchers actually threw 130+ pitches regularly...
  6. 1bigfan13

    Must See Movies

    It can be done. Brendan Fraser played a lard ass in 'Whale'.
  7. 1bigfan13

    Golf Thread

    Maybe I'm looking at it too simplistically but it looks like the golfers who defected to the LIV tour got a huge victory in the end. They received massive salaries and were still able to compete in PGA majors. Then today they announce the merger of the PGA and LIV. So all the outrage and...
  8. 1bigfan13

    2023 Random NFL Stuff Thread…

    Isaiah Rogers reportedly admitted to also betting on Colts games. That's obviously a huge no-no. Other than that I wonder if it would be in the best interest of the NFL to not monitor these guys non-NFL betting activity. Kind of like they've done with marijuana.
  9. 1bigfan13

    2023 Random NFL Stuff Thread…

  10. 1bigfan13

    2023 OTAs and Minicamp Thread...

    He's been saying and apparently doing the right thing this offseason. Hopefully it pays off.
  11. 1bigfan13

    2023 College Football Chatter

    So I guess Alabama is the odds on favorite to win this year. I'm surprised Georgia has fallen off this much in regards to blue chip ratio. Oklahoma is actually closer to them than they are to Alabama.
  12. 1bigfan13

    Antonio Callaway Arrested

    It is. But when your spot on the roster is tenuous at best, you can't give them the slightest reason to churn you. Guys like Callaway aren't even a dime a doze......he's more like a penny a dozen.
  13. 1bigfan13

    NBA Chatter Thread

    I completely forgot he coached the Rockets. I agree with you about adding him to the staff. He wasn't a championship coach but JVG was a damn good coach who should be a nice addition to your coaching staff. My only concern is he hasn't coached in over 15 years. So there is that concern about...
  14. 1bigfan13

    2023 Random Cowboys Stuff Thread

    This is true. There have been a lot of instances where I've seen an OL who has a reputation for holding get called for ticky-tack penalties, and in that same game, an OL with a cleaner reputation gets away with murder. Lane Johnson is a great example. That guy constantly false starts but...
  15. 1bigfan13

    NBA Chatter Thread

    Miami missed a ton of wide open threes that they've been hitting all postseason. But I also give credit to the Nuggets for doing what the Celtics refused to do......take advantage of their size advantage and not just settle for threes. Denver only shot 29% from three point range but they...
  16. 1bigfan13

    DeAndre Hopkins Released

    It's like the NBA rumors in regards to James Harden returning to the Rockets. They're talented players but the rebuild timeline of the Houston teams doesn't match where the players are at in their careers; especially with Hopkins. He probably only has 3 productive years left in him. If winning...
  17. 1bigfan13

    2023 College Football Chatter

    There's got to be a common sense middle ground. I'm all for the players being compensated but it needs to be regulated much better.
  18. 1bigfan13

    2023 College Football Chatter

    I don't understand why these boosters are eagerly handing out 6 & 7 figure NIL deals to unproven 18 year-olds. There are hundreds of 5-star "can't miss" prospects who turn out to be busts once they get to college. Just because something is good for the athlete doesn't mean it's good for the...
  19. 1bigfan13

    Booze Appreciation Thread...

    He kind of looks like a young Principal Belding from Saved By the Bell.
  20. 1bigfan13

    MLB Chatter Thread

    The Braves are on the verge of getting swept by the worst team in MLB history. This is when I have to remind myself it's a marathon not a sprint. :mad
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