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  1. NoDak

    1st round pick: Tyler Smith, OT, Tulsa

    Overview Power merchant who plays the game with a field demeanor that can work in his favor on one play and against him on the next snap. Smith is able to displace defenders as a run blocker despite lacking proper hand usage for leverage. He's explosive and athletic but struggles to sustain and...
  2. NoDak

    Draft Grades

    Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State - Along with the trade down, this is a solid A pick. The kind of guy that can help transform a defense Kelvin Joseph, CB, Kentucky - All the talent in the world. questionable character. classic boom or bust. Has the ability to be the best corner out of this...
  3. NoDak

    2020 Undrafted Free Agents. Here's a list of the best UDFAs. Please post them hear as you hear of them.
  4. NoDak

    Second round targets

    There are still a ton of players left that can help us. Depending how it goes, we might be able to just hold tight and have somebody fall to us. But I wouldn't be totally against moving up a little if the right player(s) started falling into range. Some of these guys will obviously be there...
  5. NoDak

    Make your Cowboys pick.

    We try this every year, and every year it fizzles out. But just for the hell if it, let's try it again. It's almost tradition. When the Cowboys go on the clock, post who you would take. No trade down scenarios, or whatever. Just choose one player who is still available, and pick them.
  6. NoDak

    Seven things we learned from the Cowboys 34-0 demolition of the Texans

    That was certainly enjoyable. The Dallas Cowboys rolled over the Houston Texans by a score of 34-0 in a thoroughly dominant performance. While winning in such a fashion is always sweet, what you really want out of preseason (besides no injuries) is to learn some things about your team...
  7. NoDak

    Cowboys Dalton Schultz shows enough promise to be next great Stanford TE alum

    By: Zeke Barrera | 4 hours ago After being one of the team’s hallmarks for years, the Dallas Cowboys’ tight end position ventured into unknown in 2018 without Jason Witten. Collectively, the TE unit made up of mostly young and inexperienced players performed admirably, but left plenty of room...
  8. NoDak

    Pet Cat Wish List

    We're two weeks out. Just thought I'd throw out some names that I'd be happy with if we ended up with them. I'm not going to add names like Bosa for example. Guys we have no chance of getting. Some of these guys may go before we're on the clock at 58. But I think there is a possibility they...
  9. NoDak

    Mock Drafts

    Looked, and didn't see a thread for mock drafts. I know people have been posting them here and there in other threads, but thought it would be nice to have them in one place. I'll start it off with one I just did on fanspeak. If anybody hasn't heard of it, it can be a bit unrealistic...
  10. NoDak

    Wildcard Round 2018 Game Day Chatter | Seahawks at Cowboys | 01-05-19

    Well, hopefully we can be happy with either outcome. Either the Cowboys come out and exercise some ghosts with their youth and win a playoff game, or the torches are re-lit on the lynch Jason Garrett execution squad. I would hope Jerry would finally be fed up with an underachieving coach. This...
  11. NoDak

    Democrat Presidential Nominees

    So, the first person has officially announced their bid for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 Presidential election. And it’s... Elizabeth Warren. :rofl The Dems better hope they get better candidates than this or Trump will be re-elected in a land slide.
  12. NoDak

    Terrance Williams investigated for hotel altercation ... With IG Model

    1054422152932282371 The Miami Beach Police Dept. is investigating Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams over a hotel room altercation with a popular Instagram model ... TMZ Sports has learned. According to the police report, cops were called to the Fontainebleau Hotel on Saturday...
  13. NoDak

    PFT: Jerry Jones has gone radio silent after latest loss

    1054404188984225793 I hope he's so fucking pissed off that he's holed up in his office chugging Johnny Walker Blue and working himself into a lather. Come out of the office and rage fire Garrett.
  14. NoDak

    Jason Garrett defends late play calling: We got into field goal range

    Posted by Michael David Smith on October 22, 2018, 10:20 AM EDT Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has taken plenty of criticism after Sunday’s loss in Washington, with his overly conservative play calling having the Cowboys ending the game with a long missed field goal rather than taking a shot at...
  15. NoDak

    5 bold predictions

    Ok, the season is upon us. Give 5 bold predictions on what you think has a good chance of happening this season. But ONLY for teams other than the Dallas Cowboys. We can revisit this at the end of the season and see who could see into the future the best. 1. The Cleveland Browns will win 7...
  16. NoDak

    Giants, Redskins select corners in supplemental draft

    By Kevin Patra Around the NFL Writer Published: July 11, 2018 at 01:46 p.m. Updated: July 11, 2018 at 07:48 p.m. Happy Supplemental Draft Day! The NFL held its annual mid-summer supplemental draft Wednesday with two players selected, the most since 2010. New York Giants: Sam Beal, CB, Western...
  17. NoDak

    OTAs/Mini-camps Thread...

    Friday, May 11, 2018 5:12 PM CDT By Bryan Broaddus Football Analyst/Scout @BryanBroaddus FRISCO, Texas – As has been noted, these aren’t full-fledged, padded practices we’re watching – so we’re a bit limited in what we can gather from this year’s rookie minicamp. Still, there’s something...
  18. NoDak

    Post your draft grades

    ·Round 1 Pick 19 (19) Leighton Vander esch ILB Boise St. - A I loved this pick. When need and talent aligns, it's a beautiful thing. I have no worries about this guys neck. None. While I'm sure there will be some bumps early on, this guy will be a monster for us in the middle for a long...
  19. NoDak

    Day three wish list

    There are still some gems out there. Guys that could step right in and contribute. I wouldn't have a problem with now trading for Earl Thomas if Seattle would go for it. I am happier than a pig in shit that we didn't use our 2nd or 3rd for him. Anyway... Here are guys I wouldn't mind...
  20. NoDak

    2nd round wishlist.

    Give me one of these guys, and I'm happy. In no particular order... Will Hernandez G James Daniels C/G Dallas Goedert TE Mike Gesicki TE Courtland Sutton WR Harold Landry DE Christian Kirk WR DJ Chark WR Orlando Brown T Justin Reid S Harrison Phillips DT Ronnie Harrison S Jessie Bates S Mark...
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