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  1. Shiningstar

    How are you ranking this draft so far?

    This is the meat of the draft. Decent talent could have been had, sometimes a gem, something happens. What do you think of the Cowboys draft as we get ready for the tail end?
  2. Shiningstar

    Draft Breakdown part 1

    OK, who liked our pick and why? Who hated our pick and why? How do you rate the Washington pick? How did the Giants and eagles fare in the draft so far? How would you rank the picks in the division and why?
  3. Shiningstar

    Stephen Jones- Lets go on record

    this may not be popular OR done to death, but just so the rest of us are clear on the issue, Who here is thinking Stephen is going to be better than his Dad? I dont want to ridicule people, well to be fair, its going to happen since Stephen has made it crystal clear hes as wishy washy as his...
  4. Shiningstar

    What would you do?

    The Cowboys are a listless ship, the franchise is smoked, ashes float all over on the season. What would you like to see happen and what would your reasonable solutions be? Reasonable solutions please. This isnt Madden
  5. Shiningstar

    Cowboys players right now

    Are there some players you over hyped and some you under valued and are turning out better than we thought. For example, i had to much faith in X Woods and Jourdan Lewis. However Trysten Hill was winning me over, but that might have been more of following the crowd. your turn
  6. Shiningstar

    I was wrong, whos joining me

    I was wrong, i didnt think MM could bring the team, or i should say the coaches couldnt . Whos with me?
  7. Shiningstar

    Post Let Down Obversations

    I think the "field" answered some questions last night, but lets not blur the lines to much. Just keeping it simple. The Rams out coached us. We made some bad moves and let them continue, i think we all saw Steel out there. Something the coaches would have adjusted and helped. I think...
  8. Shiningstar

    Kellen Moore and the offense

    This is critical and id love to hear opinions. Will KM go in a new direction, and how much rope will MM give him? Lets face it, we know from day 1 KM was more creative than SL, this isnt a put down thread but KM was dialed more into our players and their strengths. do you feel KM...
  9. Shiningstar

    Training Camp

    i dont know if theres going to be a training camp, so far talk is, there will be a season. if anyone wants to throw in updated news, have at it. Heres my discussion. Which position battles are you interested in and who in your opinion, wins, than if you want to flesh out your roster...
  10. Shiningstar

    Cowboys Round 1 (17) Selection - CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

    I did not expect that pick. Does it help or hurt? I still think we should have gone defense, but a pick like this has to either scream JJ got involved, or MM thinks he can make a run for the playoffs. What say you? Hurt, help, or we could have just traded down.
  11. Shiningstar

    Lets talk "Direction"

    Okay, the point of this thread is simple. Where do you think the draft will take us? By that, do you think the draft will go offense or defense? Tell me what you think and some players you feel we ll draft to back up your claim. Example, Someone might say "defense" and heres some...
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