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  1. Iamtdg

    Machota: Mike McCarthy - Cowboys will be better next season — ‘I know how to win a championship’

    By Jon Machota 1h ago FRISCO, Texas — It’s difficult to remember a time when Cowboys fans were more angered about the end of a season than this one, and rightfully so. Dallas had its most talented roster of at least the past decade and maybe since the dynasty teams of the 1990s. But it all came...
  2. Iamtdg

    2021 Season | Wildcard Weekend | Gameday Chatter Thread | 49ers @ Cowboys | 1/16/22

    Nervous shits coming. No beer yet. Go Cowboys!
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    Machota: The Cowboys’ real season starts now - ‘Our goals are onto bigger things’

    By Jon Machota 7h ago It was difficult to believe that the Cowboys were telling the truth all week. There’s no way they would actually have their starters on the field in the second half Saturday night in Philadelphia, right? Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones doubled-down on the...
  4. Iamtdg

    2021 Season | Week 18 | Gameday Chatter Thread | Cowboys @ Eagles | 1/8/22

    Two things... 1. It's weird putting "Week 18" in the gameday chatter thread title 2. Starting a gameday chatter thread on a Saturday during the regular season That said, fuck the Eagles. I hope we rape their asses.
  5. Iamtdg

    Sturm: In pursuit of that very rare successful Cowboys season - Pregame riffing

    By Bob Sturm 22m ago One-hundred seventy-one days since the Dallas Cowboys held their first full training camp practice in Oxnard, Calif.; 37 days until Super Bowl 56 in Inglewood, Calif.; and just one more day until the 3:25 p.m. start at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, against the...
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    Machota: Cowboys notebook - Dak Prescott seeing the field ‘fine’; Mike McCarthy has ‘great confidence’ in Greg Zuerlein

    By Jon Machota Jan 6, 2022 All Cowboys starters who are available are expected to play Saturday night in their regular season finale at Philadelphia. Will that be the entire first quarter, first half or entire game? Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy said the plan is to “play to win the game.”...
  7. Iamtdg

    2021 Season | Week 17 | Gameday Chatter Thread | Cardinals @ Cowboys | 1/2/22

    This one makes me nervous. We will see if we can contain Murray. If we can keep him from running all over us, I give us a good shot at the win.
  8. Iamtdg

    Machota: NFC East champion Cowboys move to next goal - ‘Win in the playoffs, make it to the Super Bowl, win the Super Bowl’

    By Jon Machota Dec 27, 2021 ARLINGTON, Texas — The Cowboys clinched the NFC East one hour and 20 minutes before they kicked off against the Washington Football Team on Sunday night. Dak Prescott and several other Cowboys players insisted that they did not have that information before kickoff...
  9. Iamtdg

    Cowboys get their full groove back in easy rout of old rival: Sturm’s Morning After

    By Bob Sturm Dec 27, 2021 There used to be times around here when the local football team would ruin the holidays with incredible consistency. It was obviously unintentional, but usually from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, the optimism train would derail and run into the side of a tunnel at...
  10. Iamtdg

    2021 Season | Week 16 | Gameday Chatter Thread | Redskins @ Cowboys | 12/26/21

    Let's beat that Redskin ass today. Not a fan of the late game, but it's better than a noon game. Let's go. :towel
  11. Iamtdg

    2021 Season | Week 16 | Gameday Chatter Thread, Saturday Night | 12/25/21

    We gonna chatter or nah?
  12. Iamtdg

    Merry fucking Christmas, boys

    Merry Christmas, homos. I hope you all get your bellies full and get a chance to hug those you love.
  13. Iamtdg

    The Cowboys get the job done, while a few teams above them did not: The Morning After

    By Bob Sturm Dec 20, 2021 At the risk of being a broken record, allow me to take you down an important road that is required after Week 15 in the NFL’s Sunday slate came to a close. For many years, I have also covered the National Hockey League. In fact, there is a pretty good chance that I...
  14. Iamtdg

    Machota: Four takeaways and a dominating defense - Cowboys overcome ‘frustrating’ offense to win third in a row

    By Jon Machota Dec 19, 2021 EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense lost Sunday. Not on the scoreboard, but to their defensive teammates. Prescott and the offense made a friendly wager with DeMarcus Lawrence and the defense: offensive touchdowns vs. defensive takeaways...
  15. Iamtdg

    2021 Season | Week 15 | Gameday Chatter Thread | Cowboys @ Giants | 12/19/21

    This should be an easy win. Take us to the promised land and make us proud, @Away_Tailgate. :towel
  16. Iamtdg

    Machota: What’s wrong with QB Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense?

    By Jon Machota 1h ago FRISCO, Texas — What is going on with Dak Prescott? It’s the most popular Cowboys question going into Sunday’s game against the New York Giants. Everyone has been weighing in. From Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson to Prescott himself...
  17. Iamtdg

    Machota: ‘You’re not Ste-fon,’ but he is the NFL’s interception king - How Trevon Diggs made his own lane

    Jon Machota 4h ago Trevon Diggs spent most of his life trying to get out of his older brother’s shadow. But now that he’s establishing himself as one of the NFL’s best young defenders, he’s got even more competition. Aaiden, Trevon’s son, was featured in multiple episodes of “Hard Knocks” as...
  18. Iamtdg

    What on earth happened to the Cowboys offense and Dak Prescott? Decoding Kellen Moore

    By Bob Sturm Dec 14, 2021 Family meeting time. We need to have a dialogue about Dak Prescott. This isn’t about fueling the haters and the folks who love nothing more than Dallas in a funk. It is about acknowledging an issue and then trying to trace back to the source of it so we can gain an...
  19. Iamtdg

    Winning ugly in Washington and the full power of the Cowboys roster shows: The Morning After

    By Bob Sturm Dec 13, 2021 Lost in the emotion of a fourth quarter that was much more stressful than it needed to be was the fact that some thought this team might not be able to get in and out of Washington with the win. There is a lot of money to be made in Cowboys pessimism in December. But...
  20. Iamtdg

    Machota: Cowboys almost blow 24-point halftime lead - ‘To get to where we want to go, we need to thrive in those situations’

    By Jon Machota Dec 12, 2021 LANDOVER, Md. — Mike McCarthy isn’t in the business of apologizing for wins, especially when it comes against a division rival. The Cowboys head coach said on Thursday that Dallas would win Sunday at FedEx Field. He was proven correct. The Cowboys defeated the...
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