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    2021 Season | Week 11 | Gameday Chatter Thread | Cowboys @ Chiefs | 11/21/21

    Looks like no Tyron Smith today. Another reason the Cowboys should lose. BUT....the 2021 Cowboys have surprised us all year. Chiefs don't have respectable edge rushers so we should be fine with another week of Steele at LT. If we hit 150 yards on the ground, Cowboys roll to a solid win on...
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    2021 Season | Week 7 | Gameday Chatter Thread | Cowboys Bye Week | 10/24/21

    Packers vs Redskins the game where either outcome benefits the Cowboys. But I'll still be rooting for more Skins embarrassment. Packers by 12.
  3. 1bigfan13

    NFL Sunday Ticket for College Students

    Sharing the info just in case others are interested in going this route. I just signed up for Sunday Ticket for $96 by using my son's college info. It's the stream so you can only use it through your computer or mobile device. Go to and you can verify your college info...
  4. 1bigfan13

    2021 Olympics Thread

    There's not much buzz around the Olympics this year but I'll tune in from time to time. New sport alert: They actually have 3-on3 half-court basketball now. The women are playing now.
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    Sturm: The Morning After: Kelvin Joseph pick reveals Cowboys’ different approach to pursue different results

    Lest there be any question that the Cowboys have diverted their philosophical approach to player selection, look no further than the past few days and the 2021 NFL Draft. This is absolutely not the old regime of Jason Garrett and his mighty men. The new management group still features much of...
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    Dustin Diamond (AKA Screech) has died at age 44

    He announced he had stage 4 cancer a couple of weeks ago. I didn't expect him to pass away so soon.
  7. 1bigfan13

    Jason Witten is retiring

    I think it's safe to assume that Jerry Jones will shoehorn Witten onto the coaching staff. Lunda Wells had better watch his back.
  8. 1bigfan13

    2016 NFL Draft: Zeke vs Ramsey

    Watching Jalen Ramsey play at an elite level while Ezekiel Elliott is looking like his best days are well behind him, I couldn't help but reflect on the 2016 draft. If you had to choose between the two players today, Ramsey seems like the obvious choice. But a big part of me doubts that Jalen...
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    2021 NFL Coach/GM Firings/Hirings

  10. 1bigfan13

    2020 Season | Week 13 | Gameday Chatter Thread | Cowboys @ Ravens | 12/06/2020

    Some good games today but no real must see matchups. The main thing I'm hoping for today is a continuing of Eagles fans misery.
  11. 1bigfan13

    Does Mike McCarthy & his staff think this is Madden?

    That's the only logical explanation I have for what I watched today. This one is pretty much all on the coaches. They gave up 41 points but the defense wasn't that bad, IMO. You had the pick 6 on top of 3 possessions that started deep in Cowboys territory due to turnovers and shitty coaching...
  12. 1bigfan13

    Alex Trebek dead at 80

  13. 1bigfan13

    2020 Season | Week 9 | Gameday Chatter | Steelers @ Cowboys | 11/8/2020

    Guess I'll get it rolling this week to close out the historic weekend. Notre Dame beating Clemson and Indiana housing Michigan. No one saw that coming. Amirite? Meanwhile in Big D, the losing streak continues today. Hopefully the defense continues to take steps forward. Particularly the...
  14. 1bigfan13

    Dak Injury Update Thread

    I felt a separate thread was needed given the magnitude of the injury. Drop your updates here.
  15. 1bigfan13

    2020 Season | Week 5 | Gameday Chatter | Giants at Cowboys | 10/11/2020

    How we doing guys? Let's make it 7 straight vs the G-Men. :roboclap
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    Question on Air Conditioner Repair

    Question for those with AC repair experience. My upstairs unit won't power on at all. So far I've checked the breakers, checked for icing on the coils & pipes (there was none), and even bought and installed a new capacitor yet it's still not powering on. I have a home warranty policy but I...
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    Cowboys roster breakdown: Ranking every position group from strongest to weakest

    By Jon Machota The Cowboys trimmed their roster down from 80 to 53 over the weekend. They then shifted a few veterans to the injured list, clearing room to bring back some of the released players. Somewhat surprisingly, cornerback and key special teams contributor C.J. Goodwin and linebackers...
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    Cliff Harris Elected to the Hall of Fame

    Just saw his name on this list
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    Redskins stuff...

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