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    Cowboys Sign Keanu Neal

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    Cowboys Cut P Chris Jones

    Let's goooo
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    Archer: With Andy Dalton gone, which way will Dallas Cowboys turn for backup QB?

    With Andy Dalton gone, which way will Dallas Cowboys turn for backup QB? Todd Archer ESPN Staff Writer 9:30 AM ET FRISCO, Texas -- When quarterback Andy Dalton signed with the Dallas Cowboys last year, it was with the idea of resetting his career and finding a starting spot in 2021. Last...
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    Texans Releasing J.J. Watt

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    2021 Random NFL Stuff Thread...

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    2020 Season | Conference Championships | Gameday Chatter Thread | 1/24/2021

    Just starting this to push that god awful Watson for Dak thread down.
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    Harold Nash Named S&C Coach

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    Aden Durde Hired As DL coach

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    5 Bucks: Quinn's Scheme A Better Fit For Defense

    5 Bucks: Quinn's Scheme A Better Fit For Defense Jan 14, 2021 at 03:30 PM Bucky Brooks NFL Media Analyst With the Cowboys making moves to the coaching staff, here's some thoughts about where things stand with the Cowboys and some of the new coaches on defense. Dan Quinn brought in to...
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    2020 Season | Divisional Round Weekend | Gameday Chatter Thread | 1/16/2021-1/17/2021

    The Packers have to go down. And go down hard.
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    2021 College Football Chatter

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    Archer: Eagles Request To Interview Kellen Moore

    Casting a wide net for Doug Pederson’s successor, the Philadelphia Eagles have requested an interview with an NFC East rival, Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, for their head coach opening, according to a source. Moore, 32, signed a three-year deal at the end of the 2020 season to...
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    Joe Whitt Hired As Secondary Coach

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    2020 Season | Wildcard Weekend | Gameday Chatter Thread | 1/9/2021-1/10/2021

    Will be weird having six games in two days.
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    2021 Cowboys Free Agency Thread

    Dak Prescott one of Cowboys’ 17 scheduled unrestricted free agents in 2021 Sean Lee and Tyrone Crawford have decisions to make regarding their NFL future. By Michael Gehlken 2:58 PM on Jan 5, 2021 CST Dak Prescott won’t reach free agency this offseason. The Cowboys quarterback either will...
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    2021 Random Cowboys Stuff Thread

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    Giants Stuff...

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    Eagles Stuff...

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