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    I confess been mad at Dak

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    I confess been mad at Dak

    Why does a retired man need a 10-room house? Why??
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    I confess been mad at Dak

    He's not paid based on "need." He's paid based on 1) ability and 2) how much $ he generates for Jerry and the league. What, in your opinion, is a fair salary for a bachelor QB?
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    I confess been mad at Dak

    On second thought, go back to talking about music.
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    The Outrage Thread

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    Music Thread...

    Karen Carpenter was one fat bitch.
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    TV Thread

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    Music Thread...

    Bipo was the same way. Just came here to talk politics.
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    2021 Random Cowboys Stuff Thread

    I guess "no practice, no play" went out with disco.
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    LOL @ The Eagles

    I ain't skirred. Just kidding; I'm terrified.
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    Kenneth Gainwell

    someone didn't vet the new guys
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    Kenneth Gainwell

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    2021 Season | Week 6 | Thursday Night Gameday Chatter Thread | Bucs at Eagles | 10/14/2021

    announcers blatantly referring to the pointspread
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    Kenneth Gainwell

    You started a thread about a Philly backup running back?
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    Patriots Stuff...

    He's got a bye week coming up, so he just needs to get thru Sunday. We might need the heat stroke guy after all.
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