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GOP congressman asks if rocks are causing sea levels to rise

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    Originally posted by lostxn View Post
    I don't even know what you're talking about. As for regulations not working, you do realize air quality used to bemuch worse until regulations forced automakers to put catalytic converters on all the cars. Got to Mexico or China and see what the air is like. They don't use them. In China they fucking wear masks when they walk outside the air is so bad. Also, we passed regulations on CFCs because of the hole is the ozone layer. As a result of the entire world passing the ban on CFCs, the hole in the ozone layer has actually shrunk.
    "The Earth's ozone hole is shrinking and is the smallest it has been since 1988"

    So, people are capable of making changes and regulations can work. At some point, though, folks like you who aren't stupid need to start to care about the problem. This whole "the earth is warming, we just don't know it's people" is a pathetic dodge. This is known you just want to argue it because you think this is a liberal issue. It's not. This affects all of us.

    Every member of Congress knows about global warming. Some of them just lie about it. Additionally, Fox News also pushes lies about it. It isn't a matter of respectful difference in opinion. It is willful lying...and yes it's the oil & gas money.
    I never said any and all regulations are worthless. Where did you get that? I was talking specifically about things like carbon taxes making a material difference in slowing the warming process.
    2014=2009, 2015=2010?

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      The way Trump has shit on the environmental movement has been one of the best things about our Presidency.

      We need coal jobs to make America great again. Carbon taxes for globalists aren't apart of that agenda.