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    Originally posted by Kbrown View Post
    I like Tulsi Gabbard and would probably vote for her. It is interesting that she dares to point out that Assad is not a threat to the United States, and immediately the media begins to call her a Russian agent.

    I'm not a conspiracy wacko, but there are definitely larger forces with an interest in constant regime change war at work in this country.
    I like her too, and she is my current front runner. You don't have to be a conspiracy wacko to see that the two major parties and the Media Corporate Sector (i.e. the talk shows, on Fox, MSNBC, and CNN) want to have similar candidates be the front runners each year who advocate for war, regime change, corporate donor class interest, etc. It is all about the $$$$


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      Welp, Elizabeth Warren made it officially official today. Today is a good day.
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