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Jerry pulls trigger for Cooper

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    I hope we don't win another game, fuck this team
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        defense wins championships


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          Even by Cowboys standards, this is unbelievably stupid.

          That means Jerry really believes that Garrett and Dak can get it done.

          I hope this offense plays even worse with Cooper.
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            Originally posted by NoDak View Post
            Jesus Christ.

            This fucking pick has a God damn good shot at being a top ten pick, too.
            Just awful.

            I don't see how he moves the needle.

            I'll cross my fingers and hope, but according to Beasley and others, the receivers are getting open, it's Prescott who isn't finding them.

            This is bad. They were hurting after getting skunked by Sammy Watkins this offseason; they knew they needed a #1 WR, instead of swallowing their pride and bringing back Dez (not that that would have been a great idea either), they compound their mistakes by overpaying for Cooper.

            And now you know he's gonna get extended, because you can't give up that first and have the guy for only 25 games.


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              You knew this shit was going down, there's been waay too much chatter for too long. A tiny part of me still can't believe they were **STUPID** enough to part with a 1st for this overrated POS.


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                Watch the concussion symptoms last the rest of the year too.

                Rumor is the guy does not "love football".


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                  so now we get to watch Dak miss him streaking away from a defender/ running free in the open, as he steps into another stripsackscore.
                  defense wins championships


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                    Originally posted by mschmidt64 View Post
                    Amari Cooper for a first.

                    Holy fucking hell. That's why Jerry went radio silent. He was busy getting ass raped in a trade.

                    For a second I would have swallowed it. A 24 year old former first rounder, former two time Pro Bowler. Ok, I'll live with that, especially if that 2nd rounder is closer to 50 than 30.

                    But a first? Desperation by a front office who routinely gets taken advantage of.
                    I agree. He was the player I wanted for this team for what could be had. However, I am not in any way OK with giving up a 1st. Especially with our QB situation. We need a QB very, very badly. Did you come away from last night thinking, "gosh we need a receiver." Dak wasn't seeing the field. Kind of brutal to have Romo dissecting your play but Dak was missing shit.
                    I was on the draft LVE train. I was for trading for Amari before it happened.
                    'nuff said


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                      So you say Jason Garrett is the dumbest person in the Cowboys organization?

                      Jerry Jones says HOLD MUH JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE!!!


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                        Originally posted by p1_ View Post
                        This sounds perfectly rational...until you see Jones got his asshole ripped apart for a player without a 1000 yard season since 2016.


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                          These turds won't spend money on a free agent but they'll flush a 1st round draft pick away.

                          Maybe this will at least get Garrett fired after the offense still looks like shit. Maybe Jerry will say, I went out and got you a (in his mind) a #1 receiver and the offense still sucks. Wishful thinking, I know.


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                            defense wins championships


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                              2018 DCC Super Bowl Bingo Champion


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                                Wow, just wow
                                This screams panic and irrational thinking.