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A Football Life: Tony Romo

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    So, you think Garrett should have pulled Dak in the middle of the undefeated streak? And when Tony got broke down yet again, Garrett looks to Dak to pick right back up where he left off. What would it have accomplished? To my mind, it would have only delayed the obvious.
    Seems now that it would have been a good move but I think everyone knows why Dak stayed as the starter. The only queston with me is that the playoffs takes on a life of their own and Dak wasn’t really prepared to deal with it. That in itself is what I have questioned about managements position of not giving more credence to evaluate the logical choice to start the most qualified player on the roster. Management could have made that concession and justified putting Romo in the game. They just shied away from the crowd sentiment of leaving Dak in place. It was not the best decision and even if the Cowboys lost the game with Romo it still would have been the most logical choice.
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