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Maliek Collins Has A Foot Injury

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    Originally posted by boozeman View Post
    Per Mike Fisher, they want nothing to do with Hankins. Does not have enough 3-T traits or some such.
    Just so god-damned predictably hilarious.

    Those quick-twitch loving buffoons have forgotten how much the 1T can also impact the pass defense. And oh yeah, teams have been known to fucking run the football.

    Our premium pass-rushers can do it all.

    We've got support covered, cause we *might* get *Terrell McClain* doncha know.


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      Oh, wait. Is this is one of those times we believe what Fischer says instead of calling him a retarded hack that just throws shit on the wall to see if it will stick?

      So hard to keep track of these things.


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        Originally posted by Angrymesscan View Post
        Although I agree they need another 1T, I don't think it has to be McClain.
        It should be Hankins. He should realize that the 9 million per that got him cut from the Colts isnít going to happen. But heís better than the 4 million McClain got.

        So get him and make the defense better.

        Moves like this will be much harder once we start paying out real QB money again.